Loxodonta is a level-based, top-down action game. Each level is completed by discovering and reaching the exit, and restarted if harmed by traps or enemies. While strategies could be used to chain dash attacks, the main component of the game is to overcome challenges such as enemies’ acidic saliva attacks and pits


We wanted a game that is enjoyable for a wide audience. Thus, Loxodonta has only one simple game mechanic that can be employed creatively. The dash can be both an offensive and defensive mechanic which creates unique gameplay and offers the player numerous ways to complete a level. Further, the mix of static levels and action-packed dashing appeals to both players of action and puzzle games. Players will be required to think strategically about how they want to solve the level, but will also enjoy killing enemies through fast-paced gameplay.


The game is developed and desgined by a team of 6. The game is implemented in Java using LIBGDX.